Children's Ministry

   We have classes for kids from Toddler to age 12. Our kids classes are growing and we are excited about the growth! Our teachers are preparing to take them on some great adventures from the bible where they will not only have a great time, but also learn about the Bible, the infallible inspired Word of God! Studies have shown that kids who attend a Sunday School program (Wednesday School here at the Summit Church) they develop faster both socially and intellectually. Not to mention the teaching of the wonderful commandment to honor and obey your father and mother! (Every parent's favorite!)

   As the director of children's ministry here at The Summit Church, I invite you to be my guest on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. The kids will love the classes that are tailored specifically for them, and as parents, you will enjoy the deeper word study that Pastor Shane Golden does for the adults. If you are looking for more than this world has to offer for you and your kids, then join us here at the Summit Church where you will find God for real in an authentic Pentecostal experience!

God Bless!

-David Brazeel

Director of Children's Ministries