-to Love God:

                            we must put him at the summit (the highest point, or center) of our lives: At Summit Church, we make our best effort to worship God as the center of our lives. When one becomes God-centered, it enables that individual to begin living in balance, growing in love, peace, joy and righteousness. (Gal. 5:22-23*, Rom. 14:17*).

-to love people

   we have to be selfless and put our focus on other people, not ourselves: 

God cares about people.

When we are centered (or balanced) in Him, we can begin to see the deep need of those around us and will become driven to serve and help others; and not just help in the physical, material world, but spiritually as we draw closer to Him. 

(Acts 3:6-8*).

-to serve everyone:

                       we must be able and willing to speak the truth: What we believe makes a difference. God has given all mankind the truth in His Word, which is the forever-settled, absolute, and the final authority (John 17:17-19*, Psa. 119:89*). Knowing this, true friends are not the ones who only tell us what we want to hear; but rather, in this case, true friends are the ones who tell us the truth, because they care about us and our souls. If we allow it, the truth and light of God's word will make us free, and our lives will be changed (John 8:31-36*).

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