meet the pastor

   In the beginning...  

       Growing up in the state of Alabama, the patron state of college football and more churches than you can count, Pastor Shane Golden was no stranger to the Bible-belt culture. Having been around church several times, but being raised in a bar that his parents owned, it's no surprise he chose a life of the world and went about his way. Choosing anything he could to fill the void in his soul, nothing truly satisfied.


       Then one day, at the age of 19 and tired of the lifestyle he was living, he wandered in to a church where a prayer meeting was being held. Finally finding what he had been seeking all along, he repented, received the gift of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in the name of Jesus. He was in bondage to the world no more, but had been made free by the saving power of God's truth (John 8:32*, Acts 2:37-38*).

And God saw that it was good... 

   Dedicating himself to God and God's calling on his life, it wasn't long before he began preaching in nursing homes, youth services, and teaching home bible studies; winning people to God in his local church.


   Meeting his wife, Sis. Rachel Golden, at a Revival Conference, he was smitten, and they were married seven months later in Cullman Al. Hitting the evangelistic field with the fire of youth and a passion for souls, they flourished in their life of dedicated to God together and in unity.

Go in to the land where I will call you... 

       In 2007, while driving through the area on I-80W towards San Francisco, Pastor Golden felt an overwhelming burden for the city of Fairfield. Though an in-demand evangelist and speaker at the time, the call nevertheless remained. Three years later in 2010, God opened the doors, and with much prayer, he and Sis. Golden were finally able to come and fulfill God's call on their life in and for the city of Fairfield, California. Giving up their evangelistic career and livelihood for a small group of saints that needed a pastor; they sold their truck and trailer (the only way out if things didn't go well), and settled down, trusting God to give the increase (1 Cor. 3:7*). 

Thy Word is Truth... 

        Their love for the truth of God's Word and the people of the local community has been the driving force behind their ministry, and has impacted the lives and hearts of many. With a schedule constantly full of Bible studies and a heart full of love, Pastor Golden has lead the Summit Church on its mission: to love God, love people, and serve everyone! This calling and ethos flows from the ministry on down; and in a short amount of time, The Summit Church of Fairfield has become one of the fastest-growing churches in the area! With mustard-seed-like faith (Matt. 17:20*), God truly has blessed Summit Church and has helped us to grow in Christ and in number! 


       Won't you come join us today? Come see what God has for you, and the renewed purpose and joy in life He will bless you with when you answer His call. Your life will be forever changed once you reach ... the Summit. 

With Love in Christ,

 - The Summit Church 

 *All scriptures are linked and viewable for your reading, simply click on them